In October 1923, the first use of fire service two-way radio in the United States was introduced in Boston.  Initially used for communications with the fireboats, the simultaneous transmission of alarms by radio was commenced on June 26, 1928

Special Signals

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The State Building Code requires that all buildings with a few exceptions, provide reliable radio communications for firefighters.

Fire Fighter Communication System Requirements

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Boston Firefighters utilize 4 repeated channels for fireground operations, 1 channel for station alerting, and 5 channels for tactical operations.  If you own a scanner here are the frequencies that will allow you to listen in.

Portable Radio Zone Chart

UHF Channel Plan
All radios assigned to firefighting units comply with the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region's channel plan, The plan provides 6 interoperability zones used by the 9 member communities.

Fireground Communications

This is a collection of audio recordings of various fires over the last 40 years.


Voice Radio Communications Guide

This guide to firefighter communications systems is geared towards system planners but should be a "must-read" for all fire fighters